How to delete a bad tick across all charts

12:40 Don: Is there some way to delete the data for one symbol entirely? I have a symbol that must of picked up a bad tick across many timeframes. I can delete that bad tick in a chart but it shows up in the other charts too.

13:04 Ensign Howard: If you open Time & Sales form and scroll to the bad tick you can delete the bad tick on the T&S form and that will remove it from the tick pool that other charts uses to build bars from

13:05 Ensign Howard: The Time & Sales window is a convenient place to examine the time, price, and tick volume for each tick. This feature is most often used by traders and brokers to verify timely fills on trade orders. Select Time & Sales from the Quotes, Chart, or Options menus or pop-up menus to view a Time & Sales window for a selected symbol.

The Time & Sales window displays each price change (tick) that has occurred for the selected symbol. The window displays the Symbol, Date, Time, Price, and Tick Volume. The most recent ticks are at the top of the list. The list will update in real-time as new ticks are received. Use the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to scroll up and down through the tick data.

Click the Chart button to open a tick chart view of the Time & Sales prices. The chart will contain the ticks that are displayed in the Time & Sales window. As you scroll up and down through the prices in the Time & Sales window, the chart will also change, and display the corresponding price data.

To Delete a tick, double-click the mouse on the 'Date' or 'Time' number for a given tick price.

Last updated 12/07/2006