Possible fix for Computer Clock not Agreeing with Charts with different Time Zones

14:02 Ensign Howard: Hi cm, thanks for working with me on this and for being up so late at night. What is the operating system on your computer?

14:03 cm: XP - home edition

14:03 Ensign Howard: ok, have you changed the computer time zone recently? You implied things used to work just fine earlier.

14:04 cm: All along , I am using US time zone . I am changing to Singapore time just 2 hours ago to see if that is a problem.

14:05 Ensign Howard: So 2 hours ago you changes the computer clock time?

14:05 cm: Yes. but US time zone is being used for the past 1 year.

14:06 Ensign Howard: ok, have you rerun Ensign since you changed the zone on the computer clock?

14:06 cm: Yes I rerun ensign.

14:07 Ensign Howard: The symptoms are that Ensign still thinks you are on a different zone as it is posting to tomorrow's daily chart folder and time stamping bars with tomorrow date. We read the computer clock zone setting ONCE upon running Ensign and use that offset in all calculations. The correct offset is -13 and instead it is doing a +3. So Ensign acts like it thinks you are on Pacific zone time instead of Singapore zone time. Let's have you exit Ensign now, and rerun Ensign and then you tell me the time stamp of the live feed on the 5-min chart. In earlier post you showed last bar time to be 5:40 AM 11-16

14:11 cm: Before I exit, just to confirm your last request ? to post 5 mins chart again in Singapore time or eastern time zone

14:11 Ensign Howard: ok, for test, keep computer clock on Singapore, keep Ensign Setup | Computer on Eastern. Just exit and rerun, open 5-min ES chart, let it update a few ticks and post picture with time stamp of last bar showing on the bar data panel

14:12 cm: ok I will exit ensign now and will reconnect e-chat.

14:12 Ensign Howard: I think the time will be the correct Eastern time of 14:15 now on the 11-15

14:14 cm: will post 5 mins.

14:16 Ensign Howard: ok, things look much better now

14:16 Ensign Howard: Important 1st step was to get the current time updating to be 14:15 with 11-15, and you posted to folder 11-15 as well, which is good sign. So offset is correct now of -13 hours to go from Singapore to Eastern time

14:17 Ensign Howard: now to correct the chart lets do this. The tick pool is full of ticks with 11-16 time stamps and they will corrupt every chart you open. So we need to throw away this tick pool with the bum time stamps from the original problem

14:17 Ensign Howard: so, click menu Setup | Charts. Select Maintenance tab. Check boxes 1, 2, 3 and 4 and then click the Perform Task button

14:18 cm: done

14:19 Ensign Howard: ok, close the Maintenance form. Now close and reopen the 5-min chart please

14:20 cm: post the chart now

14:20 cm: seems ok now

14:20 Ensign Howard: ok, you should be all fixed

14:21 Ensign Howard: in summary, root of problem was caused by changing computer clock zone without exiting and rerunning Ensign. Correct process should have been Exit Ensign, change computer clock, Rerun Ensign

14:21 cm: thanks . will take note that.

14:22 Ensign Howard: I will pass this on to my staff so they are better trained in this matter of changing computer clock time zone. Glad we were able to resolve this. Thanks for being a good sport and very patient while I researched the clues

14:22 cm: thank you for your help.

14:22 Ensign Howard: have a good evening (morning)

14:22 cm: thank you.