Chart Properties Default for New and Existing Charts - Open Charts with Same Template

6:54 sean [cass]: I have designed the kind of chart which I require but every time I bring up a new chart, it appears in the default without all my settings.

16:54 Ensign Howard: By settings do you mean colors and style or do you mean studies?

16:55 sean [cass]: Both, Howard. I use Woodies template and have added Heiken Ashi.

16:55 Ensign Howard: ok, they are two separate issues.

For style you press CTRL+P keys for the chart properties. (or dbl click on chart)

Set the colors and visual the way you like it, and click the Save Default button. This will rewrite the properties used by all new charts.

Now if you want all existing charts to adopt this default for style then click menu Setup | Charts, select Maintenance tab and perform task #13.

Then close and reopen Ensign as this is a global setting. All charts should be using your new default setting now.

16:57 Ensign Howard: The issue of how the chart is dressed with studies you can accomplish by saving the studies as a template.

When you open a chart it loads as it was last dressed with studies. On the charts panel is a check box for Template and when this box is checked the chart that is opened will be dressed with the template that is first on your templates panel list.

16:59 Ensign Howard: So create your template, save as and name it and then use the arrow buttons on the templates panel to move the template name to the top of the list. Then it will be the one automatically applied to the chart you opened. I think both of these suggestions are the effect you are seeking.

16:57 sean [cass]: I'll give this a try. Thanks Howard. I have been watching the video tutorials too and they have been useful. I am getting there!

17:00 sean [cass]: Thanks Howard. You have been most helpful.