IB Users Data Problems

IB users with data problems....
Howard has put together the following checklist for you if your data is not updating.

Things that I would check for a IB user are the following.

1) Setup | Security. Verify that the program status is not 'Expired'.
2) Setup | Manager. Verify that there are correct symbols on the list like ES #F
3) Setup | Connection. Verify the presence of correct account number and password.
Click the Run TWS button and watch the connect process run TWS if TWS is not already running.
Symbols should flow in the data feed window after the TWS connects.
4) Verify data changes values on market group quote pages.
5) Open a chart from a market group quote page and verify the state of Day Session Only setting on chart's properties.

Another common problem users have is with firewalls that prompt to allow Internet access or for a new program to run.
The firewall issues kick in immediately after TWS or Ensign has been upgraded, and the firewall prompts need to be answered correctly.

Things I consider unrelated to connection issue would be. (These would be more for a particular chart (s) giving you a problem.)

1) Maintenance tasks 1-5
2) Time zone on the Setup | Connection form.
3) Verify Symbol Properties window is setup correctly.

If going through these steps do not help, delete the symbols from your quote page and then reenter them. Charts opened from the quote page should now update.

Sincerely, Howard Arrington

Last updated 01/05/2007