IB TWS and Ensign Configuration

17:34 Ensign Howard: The 5th item on What's New deserves some discussion as well.

17:35 Ensign Howard: In the recent changes/editions to the Trader Workstation for IB they have change the window caption line content which has caused some new challenges. Ensign attempts to spot the small prompt window to Accept the Incoming Connection Attempt and close this window by sending keyboard keys to the window to close the window. However, with the changes to TWS, we have had some users report that Ensign is causing either

17:37 Ensign Howard: 1) some TWS menus just open on their own, or

17:37 Ensign Howard: 2) Ensign is constantly disconneting/reconnecting to the TWS, once every minute.

17:37 Ensign Howard: These are one and the same causes, and they originate from Ensign sending the keyboard keys trying to close this prompt window. However the prompt window is not showing.... The root of the problem is that the TWS main window now has the same caption content as the prompt window, and we cannot tell them apart.

17:38 Ensign Howard: This is seen by users who have an administrator type account with IB that permits them to trade more than one IB account from the same TWS.

17:39 Ensign Howard: Ensign's solution to this confusion is 2 part.... one was to add a new check box on the Setup | Connection form and the box is labeled 'Close Accept Connection Window'. For most users this box would be checked. For those with the different IB type of account that confuses Ensign, they need to uncheck this box so Ensign does to try to send keyboard keys to close the prompt window.

17:41 Ensign Howard: Now, there is a 2nd part to the solution for these users, and that is to make a change in TWS configuration so they do not get the Accept Incoming Connection prompt window in the first place. Then we do not have a window to close at all, and the box can be Unchecked on our connection form.

17:42 Ensign Howard: The configuration change to make in TWS is this.

17:42 Ensign Howard: Click menu Configuration | GLobal Configuration.17:42 Ensign Howard: Select the API page on the left side, and see if you have on the Approve IP Address list the entry of 127.0.0.,1 If not, click the Create button and make a record entry for and add it to the list. With this address on the list, then the Accept Incoming Connection prompt box will be eliminated from the log-in process.

17:44 Ensign Howard: In fact, I encourage all TWS users to add the IP address to the list of approved addresses as it makes the log-in process run smoother and more quickly. There is one less prompt window to catch an close.

17:44 Ensign Howard: Any questions about the IB configuration and process?

17:45 CB: yes

17:45 Ensign Howard: ok, ask now CB

17:45 Light: Thanks Howard. I have the approved API address in TWS, but still had problems this morning -- Ensign took very very long to find and open TWS,

17:46 Ensign Howard: light, you can manually get TWS up and running before you run Ensign..... we can discover the TWS already running and connect to it.

17:46 Light: I have a normal user account -- will keep track and let you know if it prob continues. Yes - I may have to resort to that -- should work fine that way

17:46 Ensign Howard: The Normal user accounts have the TWS caption line begin with the words 'Universal Account xxxxx


IB Settings

17:47 CB: I am not sure what are the optimum settings for updating my charts with tws - I try to keep tws open till 10pm mon to friday - but occastionally there are holds - my settings are use ib for update and preserve existing bars - when I have to update - it seems I update each chart and each timeframe when there is a hold in the data because I am somewhere else and not at the tws to see that there is no data - what are the optimal settings for connecting to ib and easiest update and filling of holes and why do I have to update each chart and each timeframe, I wonder?

17:49 CB: also lately I - in the past few weeks - tws after hours has clicked the disconnected message several dozen times before 10pm - in the past I do not remember so many disconnects

17:50 Ensign Howard: CB, what are you seeing that makes you think there is a disconnect? What message are you seeing?

17:51 CB: little java dialog box - connect to tws y n? and the Ensign message "no data"

17:51 Ensign Howard: A warning there is no data feed does not mean TWS disconnected, it might just mean the market have not traded and we have not seen any feed traffic for 2 minutes. OK, when we see no traffic for 2 minutes we cannot tell if this is because of a problem or because of no trading. If you have the warn on no data feed box checked, we will take the extra step as a precaution of issuing a socket reconnect which does the java prompt box in response.

17:53 CB: well, of course it is important to know that immedialte during the trading hours

17:53 Ensign Howard: if you will add the to the approved list, then you will not even see the accept prompt box and the reconnect step taken by Ensign will be more transparent to you or you can uncheck the Warn on No Data Feed check box on the Setup | Connection form.

17:54 CB: ok - that sounds like the solution I want

17:54 Ensign Howard: leave it checked, and put the IP address on the approved list and if and when you get first warning box at night, leave it open. Just move the warning box mostly off the bottom of the screen. If one box is showing we do not try to show another. Then close it the next day


Ensign Settings

17:55 CB: Howard - I did not understand the answer to the basic question above that I asked about optimum setting for ib connections (preserve bars, etc - and refresh on multi timeframes)

17:56 Ensign Howard: Suggest properties for refresh would be

17:56 Ensign Howard: Have Preserve Existing Bars unchecked

17:56 Ensign Howard: Have Auto Refresh box checked. The auto refresh box when checked will cause time based charts to auto refresh when they are opened. They can be opened either by a workspace, by the charts panel, or from a quote page. Upon opening, chart file is loaded, and chart is updated from tick pool, and refresh requested for period of time from when chart was last closed. For tick based charts, which are constant tick, range and volume chart, when these are opened they only use the tick pool to update them. Thus they will show the data you collected while being on-line.

17:59 Ensign Howard: if you were off-line, after the workspace is open you will have to manually use pop-up refresh menu to request a tick refresh for each different symbol you have a chart open for. Wait for the refresh for one symbol to finish before refreshing a different symbol. (Note the top left of the workspace). The tick refresh for ES #F, for example, will be used by all open charts based on ticks. (Tick, Range, Volume)