General Troubleshooting Session w/Howard

18:17 CIA: hi - Howard I've been getting discouraging reports about charts not updating and data being chopped off

18:18 Ensign Howard: Can you be more specific... what symbol, what data feed, what time zone is the user in, etc.

18:18 CIA: For example the er2 contract for march I understand never updates on a fifteen minute chat and another of my traders had over a years worth of data on several contracts and (he knows above preserve exiting bars) and lost most of it. When he puts it back up form his back the next time he opened Ensign the data is chopped. They say this began several weeks ago - maybe mid Feb - most of them till then - these guys never had a problem.

(Might check on Max Bars setting. File will be equal to the lowest setting of multiple charts even across workspaces)

18:20 Ensign Howard: ok, have the user give me the details in an email

18:20 CIA: eastern time zone - symbols mostly are es er2 ym nq qm coil

18:21 Ensign Howard: Some things we will check are the time zone he is located in as possibly he had a Day Light savings issue

18:21 CIA: Day light saving issue would prevent updates?

18:21 Ensign Howard: Are you following ER2 #F or ER2 H7? When a chart does not update but a quote page does that is an indication the current time is outside of the charts market hours.

18:22 CIA: Mostly I believe they use #f - except when they also have options - they do options in es er2 mostly

18:22 Ensign Howard: Occasionally the issue is they have the Day Session Only box checked and they really intended for it to be unchecked so the chart would update during evening hours as well.

18:22 CIA: Day session only would stop updating during the day session?

18:23 Ensign Howard: I also occasionally find users who have change the market hours table settings and the entries they used have introduced the problem they have. Day session option will stop updating or posting to the chart at the Close time for the 1st session.

18:24 CIA: How is that fixed - I am not familiar with that setting - have used Ensign for years without knowing about it

18:25 Ensign Howard: 1 moment, let me connect to IB feed and show you example of the ER2 chart properties.

18:26 Ensign Howard: You can press CTRL+P keys for the chart's property form, and select the Symbol tab. This shows the market hours and the check box option for Day Session Only. If you want the evening session have the box unchecked. Check the box if you want chart to show just the bars in the 1st session period of time.

18:30 CIA: Howard I don't understand - chart properties do not look as though they have changed

18:31 Ensign Howard: CIA, do you have the issue with the chart and can show me the chart. If you are asking for someone else, I invited you to have them send me details in a -email with the details I can help them resolve the chart issue. Things that help me figure it out are pictures of the chart, a description of the issue you want help with and pictures of the Market Hours like I posted for you to see. Which data feeds are they using

18:33 CIA: They all use IB. Also access violations have been a problem for no apparent reason - then they stop.

18:33 Ensign Howard: If an error is repeatable, have them run the Version with Debug Aides they can download from the Internet Services form. This version has a feature to e-mail me a report with lots of additional information about the error

18:33 CIA: Howard - What about IQ - is that a real time feed they could subscribe to to stop this. We have one esignal for something else and I do not want to get another.

18:34 Ensign Howard: IQFeed is a real-time feed, however we should be able to resolve the issue so they can stay on IB if they want to.

18:35 CIA: ok - good to hear that - will have them collect data on the problems. Thanks Howard

18:35 Ensign Howard: We have lots of IB users and so I think the issue is something unique to your 3 users that can be resolved with my help

18:36 CIA: ok - yes - one did an upgrade today and then got blank charts

18:38 Ensign Howard: CIA, when an upgrade results in no charts a possible cause is the installed in a different folder and the new folder does not have the chart files. So ask them to double check where they installed

18:38 CIA: dunno - Paul finally had to give him a new password

18:38 Ensign Howard: The installation path can be seen on menu Help | Hardware Report.

18:39 Ensign Howard: ok password being absent sounds like a 2nd clue they changed something. Possibly they installed on D: and originally it was on C:

18:39 CIA: hehe - he swears he did not - except he did update

18:40 Ensign Howard: so to investigate he might use the Windows platform program for Find and search for Ensign.exe and see if multiple copies exist on the computer. That would be a clue.

18:41 Ensign Howard: Also, would be asking if they did an UNINSTALL before upgrading.... that is not to be done. Yet it is asked about often enough for me to realize some think they need to uninstall before they reinstall and uninstalling is what erased the folders with the chart files. Fortunately, even if a chart is not present, there is refresh that can help restore it. Have them e-mail me the details and we should have them running better tomorrow with my help...thx