How to tell Ensign you went from two monitors to one

Going from two monitors to one.

8:53 razor: I need some help - I usually run Ensign on a secondary monitor from my laptop. But now I am traveling without my secondary monitor. When I bring Ensign up, it defaults to an invisible location - I cannot seem to make it show up in the primary monitor. When I right click on the Ensign in the windows bar - there is nothing that says "Maximize". What can I do?

Two ways to Get Ensign on one monitor when it has disappeared from view.

First Way:

First make sure Ensign is closed before you do this.

Right click Start,

Left click explore,

Find ensign folder and click,

Then click the inifile,

Then in the second section,

Find top and make it =-2 and then

Find left and make it =-2.

Save the file,

Then close it and restart Ensign. It should appear on the screen now.

Thanks Scooter

Second Way:

09:11 Ensign Mike: razor, do the following.

09:11 Ensign Mike: Exit Ensign.

09:11 Ensign Mike: Click on Start | Run

09:11 Ensign Mike: type in CMD

09:11 Ensign Mike: Press Ok

09:11 Ensign Mike: This should bring up the DOS window.

09:12 Ensign Mike: type in CD \Ensign

09:12 Ensign Mike: This should put you at a C:\Ensign prompt

09:13 Ensign Mike: type cd inifile

09:13 Ensign Mike: This should put you in the c:\ensign\inifile prompt

09:14 Ensign Mike: Got that?

09:16 razor: now I am in inifile

09:16 Ensign Mike: Ok. Great. Now...

09:17 Ensign Mike: Type "notepad ensign.ini" and press Enter.

9:18 Ensign Mike: Hit ALT-E

09:18 Ensign Mike: Hit F to Find

09:19 Ensign Mike: Search for Top

09:19 Ensign Mike: Set your Top=0

09:19 Ensign Mike: Left=0

09:19 Ensign Mike: Hit ALT-F

09:19 Ensign Mike: Then S for Save

09:20 Ensign Mike: Then Alt-F

09:20 Ensign Mike: Then Exit

09:20 Ensign Mike: Type the word Exit

09:20 Ensign Mike: Rerun Ensign

9:21 razor: OK DONE

09:21 razor: wow I am in

09:21 Ensign Mike: Good.

09:21 razor: thank so much Mike

09:21 Ensign Mike: You're welcome.

Last updated 11/24/2006