Price Histogram Property Window GVs

17:15 virt5: What were the gv(s) 1 2 3 4 on the PH prop window?

17:15 Ensign Howard: the GVs are global variables used in various places, primarily in DYOs.

17:16 Ensign Howard: the first GV will be the VAH value for the last histogram

17:16 Ensign Howard: the 2nd GV will be the VAL value,

17:16 Ensign Howard: the 3rd on the POC line will be the POC value

17:17 Ensign Howard: and the 4th GV is VAH-VAL range

17:17 Ensign Howard: My example DYO used the study value selections, but I could have used the GVs to do the same thing. So the order was VAH, VAL, POC, and Value range.17:19 Ensign Howard: So the 08-29 version has the values unpegged to the right margin

17:19 Ensign Howard: if you want it pegged, say so... can be either way. I thought by being pegged to the right side, it got the values out of the way of the bars.

Last updated 09/20/2007