Plotting Higher TF Bollinger Bands to Lower TF

14:36 bill: Hi Howard, I was wondering if I can use Globals to put 100R bbs on a 50 Range chart?

14:37 @Ensign_H: yes, but there is a gotcha, read the last paragraph in this documentation

14:37 @Ensign_H: Read last section on Information from other Charts.

14:38 @Ensign_H: On the 100R chart, with BB, have the BB lines write to GVs via the spinners on the BB property form. Then on the 50R chart, use a MoveAve with parameters set to 1, AND The formula set to Exponential. The Data Point for the MA will be Global Variable and you select which variable the BB saved in.

14:39 @Ensign_H: Should work slick for real-time data, just won't show BB bands in the past. Do you need to see the BB parm form and the MA parm form?

14:40 bill: The forms would be great -- Thank you.

14:42 @Ensign_H: Here is BB form and not the lines are storing in GVs 1,2,3

14:52 bill: Thank You very Much Howard : - ) I am starting a play back now. It Works !!!!!!

14:57 @Ensign_H: bill, show us the two charts 100R and 50R

15:09 bill: There's 100 bbs on a 50 - if you play bbs -

15:11 bill: There is the 100R it is measuring from.

15:12 @Ensign_H: looking good bill, you got it. Good to have playback as a testing mechanism.

15:12 bill: Thanks Howard : - )

15:12 @Ensign_H: welcome