When to Uncheck Optimize Speed Using an Alert -- How to Use a DYO to Not Have to Uncheck Optimize Speed

18:53 Gerard: Howard, today I encountered with strange phenomena. I take any chart for ER2 Z6, with tick bars and minute bars I add the study: simple moving average from the volume with length one period and show at volume subwindow. Now I compare Volume value and Mov.Ave. value. They do not equal each other for all next bars within day. I used ER2 Z6.-233 and ER2 Z6.2 But if I click on the study's (Mov.Ave.) properties, then the phenomena disappears. And that one appears again for the next bars if you continue to collect data and chart.

18:56 Ensign Howard: Gerard, this is the answer

18:56 Ensign Howard: When you put the MA on the volume subwindow, it reads the sub-window scale range and uses it for plotting the MA values. But as time passes, the sub-window is dynamically changing the scale range. The volume plots on the new scale, but the MA is plotting on the original scale it learned when the MA was applied to the sub-window. By your entering the property form again it causes it to read the sub-window scale again and the sync of the two images is aligned again.

18:58 Gerard: I talk about the comparison of values. That can not depend on scale

18:58 Ensign Howard: OK Gerard show me what you are talking about

19:33 Ensign Howard: ok, ready to discuss. How did you determine Volume = 1312?

19:39 Ensign Howard: ok, thanks, 1 moment while I try this using Playback to see if it can be reproduced

19:41 Ensign Howard: OK, this is the answer. On the chart press CTRL+P for chart properties on the left side is a Optimize Speed option.. you have it checked. It needs to be unchecked for this reason. When the box is checked for Optimize then studies do not recalculate when there is an equal price tick. But on such an equal price tick the volume changed though the price did not change. Normally an average does not need to recalculate when the price does not change so Optimize saves CPU processing. In your case, average is on Volume and not on price and you DO NEED to recalculate on every tick because volume changed. By unchecking the Optimize box, average will recalculate and redraw on every tick, and will be in perfect sync with the volume it is tracking.

19:45 Gerard: But I do not need recalculate each tick

19:46 Ensign Howard: In this example, answer is YES because you average is on volume and not on price

19:48 Ensign Howard: This demo chart has been running for many bars and the red line average on volume is in perfect sync. You can run playback with the Optimize unchecked and do you own test or just wait for active markets tomorrow and make the same observation.

19:48 Gerard: There is supplementary problem with that phenomena. Ok, I will, thank you.

19:48 Ensign Howard: What is the problem

19:50 Ensign Howard: This is not a problem by being Close Only checked. The moving average study you reference will have the right values.

19:50 Gerard: In this study ave 5,1 is taken from the volume

19:51 Ensign Howard: yes, and ave 5,1 will have updated values at all times now

19:51 Gerard: Often, when the bar has white color (line E), in fact it is false.

19:52 Ensign Howard: it will be correct now that Optimize is unchecked

19:52 Gerard: I enter properties and after that bar changes color on green or red. Yes, you know what you are saying.

19:53 Ensign Howard: Sounds like you have a Color Bar study on the chart in addition to this DYO doing bar coloring

19:53 Gerard: But my computer will work slow? Yes, I do

19:53 Ensign Howard: It will be a bit slower

19:54 Ensign Howard: Now possibly a better way to do this would be to have the DYO calc the 5 ave of the volume instead of using the Ave 5,1. Let me post a picture of doing the ave in the DYO instead. Then you can eliminate the Ave 5,1 study which was the source of needing Optimize Speed unchecked.

19:54 Gerard: Please, I want to compare AVE(5) and Volume

19:56 Ensign Howard: This does the same thing

19:57 Ensign Howard: Line A is the volume and parked in GV

19:57 Ensign Howard: Line B is the 5 average of Line A values and parked in [6]

19:57 Gerard: OK, I understood. Thank you for help

19:57 Ensign Howard: Do the color bar test like you do in your DYO for the volume to average test, however it is you want the test

19:57 Ensign Howard: Welcome

19:58 Ensign Howard: By doing the Average in this DYO, you can recheck the Optimize option and remove the Ave 5,1 study. If you want the lines drawn then do this to the DYO

19:58 Ensign Howard: 1 moment

19:59 Ensign Howard: Now Line A and B plot lines in the Volume location on the Sub-window scale.

20:00 Ensign Howard: And the result is something like this

20:00 Gerard: ok, I see. It seems to me that it would be good

20:00 Ensign Howard: Was all this helpful to give you more understanding

20:01 Gerard: yes, it was

20:02 Ensign Howard: ok, glad to meet you... you have a good evening. I need to leave.... late for dinner.

20:02 Gerard: Thank you Howard

20:02 Ensign Howard: welcome, bye

20:02 Gerard: bye

Last updated 01/27/2007