Reset a Moving Average Line

22:17 @Ensign_H: added more features tonight to implement something TOC wanted, and that was to reset his Smoothed or Exponential average at a particular time of the day, such as at day session open. This example shows how to do that.

22:18 @Ensign_H: Line A is any bit of data he wants to do the average on

22:19 @Ensign_H: Line D and E are the tests for the time of day event to reset the exponential or smoothed average

22:20 @Ensign_H: the way to reset it is to restore to the prior Line average position the current value, to replace the average value

22:20 @Ensign_H: therefore, the Bar Offset for the Line F is a minus 1, and the action is to write into the Line G array, one position back, the value from GV [2] which is a current close to replace the average.

22:21 @Ensign_H: this will reset the exponential average, so you start a new average at that point and will eliminate the 30 min delay you now do with the averages to get past the open gap on the adv dec chart.

22:23 @Ensign_H: it will be a super cool little trick when you have the new version, probably tomorrow

2:24 tradinoncoffee: @Ensign_H, so I will use the DYOS for the MA, rather than the your example, its a 20 prd exp MA

22:24 @Ensign_H: yes you will

22:24 @Ensign_H: you can have the Smoothed or the Exponential and you must use one of these for the average because only they can be reset like this - a simple average cannot be reset

22:25 tradinoncoffee: @Ensign_H, is ok...only use ema's for this

22:26 tradinoncoffee: so I will use one for ADV VOL and one for DEC VOL

22:27 tradinoncoffee: @Ensign_H, Thank you much