How to Plot 2 Studies w/different Scales on Same Scale in Study Window

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17:30 traderrick: Question for class. I have 2 Ergodic studies in the same window, yet one of them does not plot correctly in relation to the other one. One of them should be lower than the other one, yet it is above it. Is there any way, such as a DYO, that could make both of them plot correctly in relation to one another? Thanks.

17:31 Ensign Howard: traderrick, the Ergodic plots on independant scales, and that is the source of your 2 Ergodic studies not being correctly correlated. Yes, the DYO can be used to remedy this and plot both on the same scale....

17:31 Ensign Howard: 1 moment while I whip together an example to illustate the solution.

17:36 Ensign Howard: Ok, in this image I have 2 ergodic studies plotted in the same sub window, the blue line is the 1st ergodic and it sets the scale for the window. However, the 2nd ergodic is plotting in red on an independant scale, which the solution will illustate is happening.

17:39 Ensign Howard: I have added a DYO and set Line A to read the study value of the 1st ergodic, and plot this as a bright Green line on the sub-window scale. Note the Study Scale window selection is Sub-Window. As expected, the 1st Ergodic blue line is completely and exactly overwritten by the bright green line. Now line A is wholely unnecessary, but it is shown for the sake of illustrating that this DYO scale selection is plotting on the scale set by the 1st Ergodic.

17:41 Ensign Howard: Now, let be check the Line B box to show how the 2nd Ergodic line will plot slightly differently, it will not hide the 2nd Ergodic Red line.

17:45 Ensign Howard: In this picture, you see the olive green line is parallel to the Red line, it is just plotted on a different scale than before, and the scale it is plotting on now is the scale of the sub-window which was set by the 1st Ergodic, which created the window by being first to use it.

17:46 Ensign Howard: The olive line and the blue or bright green lines are perfectly correlated now.

17:46 traderrick: Yes, I see. Neat solution Howard. Thank you.

17:46 Ensign Howard: welcome...