Setting Section Fonts

17:45 Ensign Howard: A comment was made that the user had a separate DYO for each font size used in a section.

17:46 Ensign Howard: Well, the Beta has an improvement in that area where you can set a section font size directly using the Global Action statement, and the trick here is to identify the section in the line label using the |x| notation.

17:46 Ensign Howard: Line A is setting the font size to 6 for section |1| and also putting the message Hello in that section.

17:47 Ensign Howard: Now the |1| had to be on Line A for use by the Global Action | Section Font Size statement but the Hello did not have to be on that line. It might have been on some other line later in this DYO or even in a different DYO.

17:47 Ensign Howard: The |1| in the label was the direction to use section 1

17:48 Ensign Howard: Line B operates on section 2 with the |2| tag in the label

17:48 Ensign Howard: and Line C is the control of the 4th section

17:49 Ensign Howard: You can see the Hello in different sizes in the chart example above the DYO property form. So, this ability to set the section font size in any of the 7 sections directly on a DYO row should simplify the custom implementation some are trying to achieve.

17:49 Ensign Howard: Any questions about the font size?

17:50 DYoung: Will the font and column govern what is before that entry?

17:50 Ensign Howard: This example was for messages in the section window, and not labels for showing in the chart margin columns. The earlier example would have to use Label Font Size and not Section Font Size as in this example. So they are two different font controls for 2 different locations

17:52 Ensign Howard: Now Line B has a negative number for the size and the negative is the control for making it BOLD. So 16 would be different than -16. The -16 is size 16 that is also BOLD

17:53 Flag: Is that section label surrounded by pipes and not brackets?

17:53 Ensign Howard: yes, vertical line character on both sides of a single digit in the range of 1..7

Last updated 09/20/2007