Marking the High and Low of Specific Time Bar

11:41 nick: Hi, Nick here. How can I mark the range of the bar which is before the open? Thanks

11:43 Ensign Howard: So the chart is a both session chart, and upon arrival of the day session open like at 9:30 you want to mark the range of the one bar immediately ahead of this open bar?

11:43 nick: Yes, the high and low of the bar on 15m chart. I can make it with DYO but after the open. I don't know if I can make it before the open.

11:44 Ensign Howard: ok, so this bar will have a constant time stamp, probably the same as the day session open time. you can use DYO and test for Time = 930 and do your marking of this bar's high and low

11:53 nick: Thanks a million Howard as always for your help

11:53 Ensign Howard: Welcome, should be able to run with that idea