Making Your Own Bars with DYO

7:44 nisaf: Hello everyone. Is there any way to plot the open and close hash marks in different colors on a bar chart eg. open=blue; close=red. Thanks.

17:46 dblue: Is that what you want?
17:47 nisaf: Yes - you have a yellow arrow for the open and blue arrow for the close - is that right
17:47 dblue: other way around
17:47 dblue: blue = open
17:47 nisaf: How can I do that, but using a simple dot instead of the arrow

17:48 nisaf: That looks great -- what is involved in setting up a chart like that

17:49 dblue: if you want the dots on top of the bars... reorder the lines... also you need to turn off the bars in chart properties.
17:53 nisaf: Thanks very much dblue -- it looks like exactly what I am looking for. Will set it up and see how it works. Thanks again.
17:53 dblue: yw