Additions to DYO Language Set

Added DYO Flags for Line x Value Rising/Falling. Added DYO Study Value | Index: Body inside/covers prior # bars selection set.

17:10 Ensign Howard: There have been additions made to the DYO language set, such as DYO Flags for easy determination if a DYO Line's values are rising or falling. This is easier than using multiple lines to read a value and a prior value and compare the two to see if the current value is higher or lower than the prior value.

17:13 Ensign Howard: The new selections in Study Value | Index: Body Inside prior # bars and Index: Body Covers prior # bars need a bit of explanation.

17:13 Ensign Howard: What this Study value will do is return an index or the number zero. Zero is returned if the condition is not met. The bar index is returned for the bar in the prior # of bars that meet the criteria of the test. For the Body Inside test we scan back through the prior # of bars to see if any of them have a body that covers the body of the current bar. So the current bar body is inside one or more of the prior bar bodies.

17:14 Ensign Howard: Likewise, the Covers test scans back to see if the current bar body Covers the body of one of the prior bars. If a prior bar is covered its index is returned. So a non-zero value means the relationship exists.

17:15 Ensign Howard: There were similar statements added to do the search using Bar Range instead of Bar body. These are specialized tests, however, they are quickly done by the new selection choices instead of using multiple DYO lines to implement the same kind of a test