Fix for Labels on Top of Each Other

Thanks Sniffy

17:54 Shar: I was playing with this DYO after I asked about the "predictive" possibility of 2 MAs. So I tried to fix my dyo where the label of the 9MA would show as a label also. But it's taking the place of the 5MA label on my chart. Is there a way I can show both please? My 5MA label works perfectly, btw.

17:55 Ensign Howard: 1 moment

17:57 Ensign Howard: Shar, as a test, go make the average values really different like 30 and 50 instead of 5 and 9. I suspect both are printing and it is the one that prints last that is seen because it is ON TOP of the first. They probably are too close together. Your [b] and [c] and Column 3 location are all fine

18:00 Shar: Yes, that's what's happening. ON top of each other. Both numbers show in the study data window.

18:00 Ensign Howard: ok

18:01 Sniffy: for Shar

18:01 Ensign Howard: thx Sniffy, good suggestion

18:01 Sniffy: yw Howard

18:01 Shar: heehee, thanks Sniffy.

The property windows are:

Another variation: