Comparison of Using and not using Paint Can  --  DYO for Percentage of Volume  #1604

16:54 Ensign Howard: Let me show a DYO example worked up today for a customer.

16:55 Ensign Howard: His question was to color the marker blocks in different colors based on a percentage of volume.

16:56 Ensign Howard: If there is interest, we can spend a few minutes on this variable color concept, or we can move on. Let me know what you as a class want to do.

16:57 @Buffy2: When I read this how are you determining the 4 levels?

17:00 Ensign Howard: buffy, the 4 levels are the percentages tested against on Lines C-F and the values are in the Number field. Say the percentage is 0.65. This would make Line C be a True test and color the block light pink

17:01 Ensign Howard: Line D is also true and colors it salmon color.

17:01 Ensign Howard: Line E is also true and colors it red

17:01 Ensign Howard: Line F is not true and so the last image drawn was the Red color

17:02 Ensign Howard: Since I did not have access to the scale range used by the volume panel, I figured the Max of the last 50 volume bars was a pretty decent percentage reference. Thus it self adjusts for when the market is thinner during Globex, etc.

17:02 @Buffy2: Tks -- I like that

7:03 Ensign Howard: Another way to do the color would have been to use the paint can by initializing it with a color. Then on Lines C through F just change the color box and not have any marker selected. Then Add Line G with an Always True and put the one marker wanted and have this markers color be BLACK, which is the tag to use the paintcan color.

17:04 @Buffy2: Out of curiosity which is more memory/cpu friendly?

17:04 Ensign Howard: Doing the paint can would be more friendly because it would only draw a marker once. Where in the example shown, the marker for the 0,65 example was drawn 3 times.

17:05 @Buffy2: Would you mind posting it changed?

17:05 Ensign Howard: ok, 1 moment while I set up the example.

17:09 Ensign Howard: buffy, here is your example.

17:09 @Buffy2: thank you so much -- great comparison

16:57 dblue3: Color candles and make it a heat map?

16:58 Ensign Howard: dblue, for your idea, simply change the Marker selections on Lines C-D to be the Color Bar selection

17:09 dblue3: neat -- now red when headed down and shades of green up ;))

17:09 Ensign Howard: and here is dblues variation using the color bar marker. You can get more clever to have dual colors, a set of green for a rising trend and darker for rising volume. And a set of red for a falling trend, with darker colors for rising volume.

17:11 Ensign Howard: I think the example is sufficient to work our a more complex example. At a minimum, put on a 2nd dyo with the 2nd set of color and on each add a test to abort the rest of the DYO if the trend is not the right trend.