Using Same Section Alert for Two Flags

16:56 Ensign Howard: I will take a moment to discuss #1649 further.

16:57 Ensign Howard: The Section Message is an area at the bottom of the chart that is divided into 7 zones. This has been a popular place to post information, messages, or signal indicators.

16:58 Ensign Howard: One use would be to post a message when one gets a Buy signal, and a different message when one gets a Sell signal, and then we also have the state that this is a bar where neither signal is present.

17:00 Ensign Howard: In the DYO example, it illustrates using one DYO line to post 1 message, like a Buy message, and a 2nd DYO line to post the 2nd message, like a Sell message.

17:01 Ensign Howard: Note the Line Logic selection of A or B or Blank

17:01 Ensign Howard: If Line A is a True flag, then the Line A Label is the message that is printed. and the background color of the section will be the color from Line A.

17:02 Ensign Howard: If Line B is a True flag, then the Line B Label is printed in the Section, and the background color uses the Line B color.

17:03 Ensign Howard: If neither Line A nor Line B are true, then the section window will be blank, ie cleared of any message, and the color of the section will be the color of the False color box, which does show in the 6-13 version but is not showing in the image above made with an older version.

17:04 Ensign Howard: This Line Logic selection is thus an easy way to show either of 2 messages, or blank if neither are to be shown, using 3 different background colors in the section window.

17:04 Ensign Howard: Any question about this section message flexibility using the A or B or Blank type of selection? You will find there are other line pairs available on the Line Logic list box.