Add Timer and Tick Count next to active candle

16:38 SB: Howard is there anyway of putting that timer and tick value next to active candle on chart

7:03 SB: yes I mean on chart as tick countdown on your dyo

17:03 Ensign Howard: did you want to show on the chart the $TICK-NYSE value

17:03 SB: yes as well as tick count

17:03 Ensign Howard: ok, I would suggest you add a DYO list like this and show the tick-NYSE value in a section at the bottom of chart

17:07 SB: thanks

17:07 Ensign Howard: you can implement using this suggestion to get quotes, and show them using Message line in a Section

17:08 Ensign Howard: I showed you Tick Count in the prior example

17:08 Ensign Howard: the 97 was the tick count