Putting HA Spread Behind Bars (Dblue)

19:48 amg3: yep, i've got it on my screen just now, dblue

19:48 dblue: two different ma spreads behind price bars

19:49 amg3: ah...I was just thinking they didn't quite look like H-A ... is that using the new stuff? or you did that using the old stuff?

19:49 dblue2: brighter one is spread of close and ha bar close

19:49 @Buffy2: he worked hard on those bars amg :-)

19:50 dblue2: other one is another spread

19:50 amg3: I can imagine so, buffy...it's very nice idea..

19:50 dblue2: nothing special about it other than it lets you see info behind the bars

19:51 amg3: I like the H-A, but I feel like I'm tricking myself, lol...so your idea of putting them "in back" like that appeals

Thanks Dblue.