Global Flag Statement Testing Price near S/R line

16:35 Ensign Howard: The 05-02 release today adds a few useful DYO | Global Flag statements to make it easy to test if a bar's price is near a value such as a support and resistance line.

16:36 Ensign Howard: This trivial example shows Line A parking a price value in GV[1], and then Line B is the new statement that tests if the bar's price is near this GV value plus or minus 1.0 points.

16:37 Ensign Howard: Use the # field to set your +/- level of tolerance.

16:39 Ensign Howard: Now on a tool like Support and Resistance, each line can have its value stored directly in a GV using the tool property form. Then you can add a DYO like this one to do a test if the bar's close price is near the line of interest and put on markers or be used in an Alert.