Alert on Bollinger Band Slope

1:10 Kubes: there a way to make an alert on Bol. Band slope?...I only see Ave slope.

21:13 Ensign Howard: Kubes you have for study flags selections for rising and falling for each of the 3 BB lines and the rising/falling is slope being above zero or below zero

21:13 Kubes: I need slope

21:14 Ensign Howard: Kubes, did you want a flag or did you want a value? Rising/falling is slope as a flag.

21:14 Kubes: I want to specify a value...of band slope -- like with stochastic

21:15 Ensign Howard: ok, and say the upper band slope is 2.17 and the lower band slope is -1.87, what would you do with these values?

21:16 Kubes: I have an alert on "low or high" outside band....but at time when the band slope is acute I need a filter

21:17 Ensign Howard: OK, give me 10 minutes and I will have new 09-29 version posted with more study values for bollinger with Upper slope and lower slope

21:17 Kubes: THANKS! :)

21:30 Ensign Howard: Kubes, your version can be downloaded now

21:30 Kubes: Howard...thank very much :)))

21:31 Ensign Howard: welcome

21:33 Ensign Howard: anyone else with a question? OK, you all have a good weekend.... see you on Monday.