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(revised July 2005)

by Howard Arrington

We found a great free voice communication program that you should download and install.   Ventri1o is used by traders to talk to each other using their computer's microphone and speakers.  This article will describe how to download, install and use Ventri1o.

Note:   If you have the older Ventri1o 2.1 or 2.2 installed, use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall Ventri1o before installing the newer 2.3 version.  The older versions will not work with the Ventri1o server that Ensign uses.

Click on this link to download Ventri1o:     Ventri1o 2.3

The link takes you to the Ventri1o web site.  Click the Download button for the Clients, Windows i386 - 32bit selection.  The version is 2.3.0.

Click the button to Run the program from the web site.   The download is 1.9 Meg.  Upon completion of the download the installation of Ventri1o will commence.   Accept all defaults for the installation.   

Find Ventri1o on your Windows Start menu.  You can run the program from the Start menu, or right mouse click on the menu and create a shortcut.  Then drag the shortcut from the menu to your desktop.

Run the Ventri1o program by clicking on the Ventri1o icon on your desktop or by finding Ventri1o on your Windows Start menu.   After Ventri1o runs, click the small square button to the right of the User Name entry.

On the form that shows, click the New button and enter a nickname to be known by.  Click the OK buttons to close the forms.

Now click the small square button to the right of the Server entry.  The following from will be displayed.   Click the New button and enter Ensign Software as the name for the server.  Click the OK button.   

Enter the Hostname or IP and Port number as shown in the picture.   Use this password:   enspwd123

Click the OK button to close the Connection Editor form.

Click on the SetUp button on the Ventri1o form.  It is very important that you check the Use Push-To-Talk Hotkey checkbox.  Uncheck the Play Key Clicks checkbox.  Click in the edit box by the Hotkey label.  Then press the keyboard key you want to use to activate the microphone.  The right side CTRL key is recommended.  

Some users have had problems getting their microphone to work.  They returned to the Setup form and changed the Mux drop down selection to Record Control, and the Line drop down selection to Microphone.  This might help you if your microphone does not work.

Click on the Events tab and change all of the drop down box settings to 'Nothing'.  Then click the OK button to close the form.

Click the Connect button on the Ventri1o form.  You will be in the lobby which looks like this example.

Rooms are available and show as names by the blue and red plus signs.   You can go into a room by double clicking on the name of the room in the list.    You can return to the lobby by double clicking on the name of the room a 2nd time.  This 2nd double click on the room name exits the room you joined.  The rooms with a red plus sign require a password.  The Ventri1o passwords will be the same passwords that are used in the Ensign Chat rooms.

The form shows other members in the room.   Hold down the keyboard key you assigned to activate your microphone.  The green speaker icon by a nickname indicates who is talking.  Talk into your microphone and everyone in the Ventri1o chat room will hear you.

Ventri1o does not need to have focus in order for it to be used.  Just hold down the key assigned to activate the microphone and talk.  The Ventri1o form can be behind another application such as EChat2, or it can be minimized.  Ventri1o has excellent voice quality and is free of annoying pop-up ads.

Ventri1o makes a great companion program to use with EChat2.   Use EChat for a text transcript and to view chart images.  Use Ventri1o to add voice.  We hope you will use and enjoy both EChat2 and Ventri1o.  Together they make a great way to be in touch with other traders.

Note:  Microsoft's DirectX product is an essential OS upgrade required to install Ventri1o 2.3.  The only source for dinput8.dll (and possibly other files) which is required for Ventri1o 2.3 to run is MS DirectX 9.0 (or better).

Ensign Software uses EChat2 and Ventri1o to provide customer support and training.  This is a fantastic cost free alternative to making a telephone call to Ensign's support staff.