Difference between tick and minute charts

Lots of folks in the room are using constant tick charts.These are charts where each bar or candle contains a set number of ticks or trades. (One tick equals one trade.)

So a 133-tick chart has 133 ticks (or trades) in each bar.


  • Greater granularity than minute charts. Going from a one-minute to a two-minute chart (the smallest increment) can be like going from a 123 tick chart to a 255 tick. (Actual numbers vary widely.)

    Tick charts provide the rough equivalent of fractional minute charts.

  • Fewer really long bars during market surges, which many find hard to look at.
  • Often show much more useful displays for Globex sessions.


  • Not all charting packages provide them.

      3 minute chart 133 tick chart

Last updated 01/18/03