Symbol/Exchange Changes - Jan 2008

Please note that as of January 1, 2008, the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) discontinued offering a series of promotional products (most notably the CBOT Mini-Sized Futures) and have moved all of these promotional instruments into their main CBOT service offering. As a result, the symbols listed below will no longer be available for “free” and you must subscribe to the full CBOT exchange to continue receiving real-time data on these symbols. We sincerely apologize for the late notice of these changes. Several internal complexities hampered us from sorting out the details of these changes until just recently.

The CBOT Promotional package formerly included the following symbols:

Dow Jones $10 - Open Auction (Symbol: DJ)
Dow Jones $10 - Electronic (Symbol:ZD)
Big Dow $25 (Symbol: DD)
Mini Sized Gold (Symbol:YG)
Mini Sized Silver (Symbol: YI)
100 oz Gold (Symbol: ZG)
5000 oz Silver (Symbol: ZI)
Mini Sized Eurodollar (Symbol:YE)
Mini Sized Dow $5 multiplier (Symbol:YM)
Mini Sized Corn (Symbol: YC)
Mini Sized Soybeans (Symbol: YK)
Mini Sized Wheat (Symbol: YW)
Ethanol (Symbol: AC)
South American Soybean (Symbol: BS)

The Chicago Board of Trade has moved all of the above promotional symbols into their full CBOT real-time data package. In order to continue receiving real-time data for these symbols, you must subscribe to the full CBOT (USD60.00) or to our delayed bundle (USD15.00) of US Futures (for applicable products).

The full CBOT exchange can be added via Account Maintenance.

Thank you,
Ray P.
eSignal Support