What data feeds are available to use with Ensign Software?  


Very popular internet data feed. From their site:

"... we offer all the real-time, streaming data you need from all U.S. stocks, options and futures exchanges, Canadian exchanges, major European and Asian future exchanges, plus FOREX and fixed income, as well as European stock, index and corporate bond data."


BMI    BMI satellite feed is terminating April 30th, 2004

Cable: BMI broadcasts over American Movie Classics (AMC) and CSPAN cable networks. The data comes through cable TV, so setup is simple and easy.

Satellite (KU Band): Ku Band satellite covers the continental U. S. plus Northern Mexico and Southern Canada. Our small, unobtrusive KU Band dish receives the signal even during adverse weather conditions. With a versatile mount, the dish can be placed on a roof, a patio, or wall.


This is a satellite feed with a 1-meter dish on the receiving end. Very high bandwidth, can receive all symbols in all markets (250K+ symbols). No refresh capability from server.


Internet feed from the same data feed that goes to the DTN satellite. Available since 2/1/2003.


Internet feed from the same data feed used by QCharts. Available since November 2003


Internet feed for those using IB as their broker. Must have standalone TWS running. Limited symbol availability and significant restrictions on chart refresh vs. other feeds, but "free" data feed if you accumulate at least $30/month in commissions. Available since November 2003.


The following data feeds are among those not currently available for Ensign Software. Understand that Ensign, like all quote software developers, must spend significant resources to add a new data feed to their product, and are not likely to do so unless they feel they can gain a large number of new users by doing so.