Ventrilo Users Individual Volume Control

21:23 db: Learned a new very cool Ventrilo trick today. You can adjust each individuals volume level

21:23 @Buffy2: Great!!! We need that in Quick Tips

21:23 db: That is a how to video.

[The video runs very fast with no voice, so I've pulled the relevant frames ... Scylnx]

You end up with an extra menu when you right click a user. Then you can adjust their level.

21:25 db: It is under miscellaneous | special effects. You will not notice the change until they stop talking and start again.

Video shows the following steps:

Click on setup

Check Use Direct Sound

Highlight a user you wish to adjust sound for, and right click | Miscellaneous | Special Effects

Select Volume and click Add. Move the slider to adjust their volume.


Thank you DB!