How do I synchronize my playback with the group?

Thanks to an Ensign upgrade in late Feb, 2003, it is no longer necessary to ask for a time when you come to the room and want to join in playback.

At the top of the room will be all the information you need to synchronize yourself.

It will look like this:
ES030114 (This is the files we are using in playback)
8:30 (This is the start time to enter)
14:02:14 (This is the information to be entered in the sync window to the right of the start times window.)
2x (This is the play back speed to use.)

Enter the information in the appropriate place in your setup/playback window and start playback.
Your charts will open and be charting the correct bar.

If you are running a playback by yourself, you need to delete the information in the sync times window before starting playback.

Stop by the room and see if one is running. Hopefully now that the new computer is almost setup, we will be doing playbacks on a regular basis.

The following items were discovered to be the cause of people not being able to synch playback with the room.

  1. Not having an atomic clock installed.    I run Dimension 4 in the morning before the market opens and then exit for the day. Since playback uses your computer clock, you will be off a bit if it is not correct.

  2. Not having the correct time zone.

    If you are new to Ensign, make sure it is set for the correct time zone. Setup, Computer window - on the left.

  3. Not having the latest version of Ensign.

    Make sure you are running the latest version of Ensign.
Doing these 3 things will help ensure your playback will synch with the room.

Take care and good trading.

Last updated 03/08/03