How to obtain new Java 5.0 update 12

11:15 Termo: I just spoke to Interactive brokers about the java issue, they said a new java downgrade version was done thursday but is not available yet on their site here are the instructions on how to down grade with a link to the new version.

11:17 Termo: Instructions Part I

Manual steps to uninstall any of the Java Software programs:

1. Open the "Control Panel".

2. Locate all "J2SE" and "JAVA" program in currently program list.

3. Double click "Add/Remove Programs" (or a similar icon, depending on your Windows version).

4. Highlight each instance of Java or J2SE and click REMOVE

5. Follow the on-screen instructions of the Uninstall program.

6. After removing all the JAVA program

7. Restart your PC.

Instruction Part II

Manual steps to install Java program 1.5.0_12:

1. Open Internet Explorer or whichever Web Browser you use.

2. In the address box enter this URL:

3. Scroll down to "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 Update 12 and click Download

4. Select Accept and click on Windows Offline Installation, Mutlilanguage.

5. Click Download selected with Sun Download Manager.

6. In the Sun Download Manager Dialog box Save

7. Close all applications including the browser.

8. Double-click on the saved file icon to start the installation process.

For further information you can call technical support at (877) 442-2757 opt. 6. Thank you!

Thank you!


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