Difference Between IB and DTN Feed

18:24 Profit: What's the difference Howard between DTN and IB ? How do their feeds differ?

18:24 Ensign Howard: DTN refresh is from DTN Market Access.... we are buying access to that refresh source for you as part of your subscription to Ensign. IB is Interactive Brokers who have a real-time feed and also have a refresh database..... but you have to have an IB account to access this. IQFeed is DTNs real-time feed.

18:25 Profit: So the DTN feed provided is not real time?

18:26 Ensign Howard: DTN refresh is not a feed. IQFeed is a feed from DTN, and IQFeed has a refresh database too.

18:27 Ensign Howard: Ensign Internet is for those without a data vendor. They do not have a live feed. They only have chart downloads of data that comes from DTN Market Access, and then the chart is static. This is sufficient for an End-Of-Day type of customer.

18:28 Ensign Howard: If you are trading active markets for scalps, then you need a data vendor such as IQFeed, IB, Cybertrader, or eSignal

18:28 Ensign Howard:They all have refresh like the DTN Market Access for Ensign Internet users, but they also have a live feed to update charts and quote pages tick by tick.

18:28 Profit: Thanks for the explanation... I understand the DTN refresh now...

18:35 Profit: Have a good weekend Howard....

Last updated 11/19/2006 by Scylnx