How to set IB up for Forex Feed

Howard how do you get IB forex feed pls?

17:10 Ensign Howard: Frank, you would need to have the free IB Ideal and IdealPro active on your account. Then in Ensign, go to Setup | Manager and on the symbol list add the currency pair with a -(BID) suffix. This will chart the bids from IdealPro. So the symbol would be EUR/USD-(BID)

17:11 Ensign Howard: The data sent for 'trades' is way to thin to chart. but the data sent for bids is great for plotting the charts we showed overlaid on the FXCM chart.

17:12 Ensign Howard: EUR/USD(BID) without the dash would be from Ideal order desk and EUR/USD-(BID) would be from the IdealPro order desk. I seemed to have settled in on using the IdealPro, but have no particular reason why

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