Folders Range,Range2 - Volume, Volume2, --Tick, Tick2 -- Minute, Minute2

Ensign Howard, I have another question. there are Range and Range2 and other folders with a timeframe and a "2" after them. What is the distinction between the folder without the "2" and the folder with the "2"?

18:22 Ensign Howard: For all tick and intra-day charts, there is a Day Session Only chart option and when the box is unchecked, we read the chart files form the folders with the 2 representing 2 session files. When the box is checked, we use the folders without the 2 representing a single session file. We maintain 2 sets of files, one for both sessions, and one for single session so that we are not deleting 2 session data when trying to show a single session. So Volume2 has volume bars for both sessions, and Volume has the volume bars for single session.

18:25 Ensign Howard: There are \Range and \Range2 folders, and there are Volume and Volume2 and Tick and Tick2 and Minute and Minute2 folders.

18:25 MakesOwnWeather: So, Ensign Howard, if I change the market times of the day session, will data be deleted from the single session folder for those times not in that frame? But, never from the "2" folders?

18:26 Ensign Howard: Yes a change to market hours can purge data that was once in the folder. It can also change content in the 2 folders because the both session file is still going to abide by the yours in the 2 sets of sessions. So if session 1 is 900 to 1300 and session 2 is 1500 to 2000 then the \2 folder will not have any data from 1300 to 1500 and from 2000 to 900

18:26 MakesOwnWeather: So, can I assume that the "2" folders form a base for the single folder files.

18:27 Ensign Howard: \2 files are not a base for the single session files -- they are independent. One may exist but not the other, and vice versa. Which ever way you use the DSO box will control which file is loaded.

18:28 MakesOwnWeather: So, how can I get a file (and keep it) which has the max data for charts. So, if it does not have day session, there will be max data?

18:29 Ensign Howard: Each file will abide by the Max Bars setting you have in the chart properties, which can be as high as 65535. A day session 2-min chart at 65535 might go back 14 months. A both session 2-min chart for the same symbol at 65535 might go back 7 months just because it has evening bars in the count

18:30 Ensign Howard: So which do you consider to be max data? They both have 65535 bar counts, but one covers 14 months and the other 7 months.

18:30 MakesOwnWeather: Yes. I see what the challenge is. Thank you Ensign Howard. :>

18:31 Ensign Howard: For my Pesavento Map calculations I use 2 min Days Session Only files with a high Max Bar setting and thus I get more patterns to examine from the day session for day session forecasts. I get the 14 month type of coverage. For my Map calculations I prefer Day Session Only data which has the patterns.... the evening session data is often too thin and too bland by being sideways movement in a narrow range.