Various Ways for Upgrading Ensign

17:05 Ensign Howard: If you are clicking menu File | Upgrade Ensign Windows that will download the last official release.

17:05 Ensign Howard: If you want to participate in being a Beta version tester, then click menu File | Open | Internet Services.

17:06 Ensign Howard: On this form you select the Download tab. Here you can select the Ensign Upgrade, EDS, Prior Version, Debug Version or Beta Version bullet and click the Download button.

17:06 Ensign Howard: You can also download the Beta and the Debug version using links on the Download page of our web site by right clicking -- save as -- then open when through. (Downloading this way also allows you to add the date to the file.

17:07 Ensign Howard: These last two methods also permit you to download the Prior version which is the April 16th version.

You can click on the What's New for the list of changes that have been made.


Updated 07/01/2007