Temporary fix for posting charts to new daCharts server from Ensign

On 5/30/2003 the daCharts site was moved to a new server with a new ISP. The structure of the site has changes slightly, requiring some changes in how charts are posted from Ensign (with CTRL-J).

Please note the following three changes (this FAQ will I'm sure be quickly superseded by a new updated Ensign version (versions of 6/2/03 and later are updated and recommended).

The following notes are keyed to the bold numbers on the screen above:

1. The FTP web server address is now charts.dacharts.com

2. The user name is now just charts

3. The web site path should be just a slash and the date, there is no longer any public_html

Obviously you will keep your own File name or Prefix


Updated 6/8/03 11am