Using Playback to Improve spotting setups

This is an excellent educational way to use playback that I have recommended to many aspiring traders who are at the point of seeing their setup after the fact.

Run a playback file using the start time of 15:15. This will give you the whole day when you open the chart.

Write down the times the setup you are currently working on mastering is triggered.

Restart playback - remembering to close all DEMO charts and to blank out the time in the sync window - using a start time about ten minutes before the first setup in triggered. Use actual for speed. Remember all times in playback are CST.

Study how the setup unfolds on your charts. I do not recommend trying to trade it at the same time at this point.

When you can anticipate what is going to unfold, it is time to use simbroker to track your trades on the chart, improve entries and exits and gain confidence in your knowledge of the setup you are focusing on.

Have fun!

Last revised 1/17/04