Setting Up Ensign for use with Multiple Feeds

17:04 scooter: I have a question Howard,can Ensign with esignal datafeed be on another networked computer other than the esignal data manager and if it can are there instructions on how to set it up?

17:06 Ensign Howard: I do not know how to access the Data Manager across your local network..... The only implementation I am aware of is for the DM to be on the same computer as Ensign.

17:08 scooter: Okay thanks . I was just trying to get some of the programs that use esignal on another computer. to free up some resources. The new stuff in the program is great have a good weekend.


17:27 sortsrep3: Howard......What symbol do I need to use for the Russell e-mini continuous contract using the IB feed?

17:28 Ensign Howard: ER2 is the root -- ER2 #F would work.

17:28 sortsrep3: OK....thx. Getting ready to delete my E-signal version of Ensign and download the IB version........a little nervous about it

17:29 Ensign Howard: Sprotsrep, there is no deleting needed. You just change the vendor selection on the Setup | Connection form.

17:30 sortsrep3: oh really? I tried that a few months ago Howard and the thing went haywire after about 2 weeks of doing it.........Ensign support told me I should delete the e-signal version.........said not to run both on the same computer

17:31 Ensign Howard: I switch among feeds frequently. I never delete, I just switch and I may have a different tab on the setup | Manager form for each vendor. It will work.

17:31 sortsrep3: hmmm........that is certainly the way I had rather do it if I could get it to work right. So you're saying that all I need to do is have TWS open and disconnect the e-signal data manager and then switch to the IB feed in the connection manager?

17:33 Ensign Howard: yes sportsrep

17:34 sortsrep3: I've already set up TWS per the instructions on the Ensign site. OK.....I'll try it again........hope it works this time

17:36 sortsrep3: Howard........not sure what you mean by having a different tab on the connection manager for each do I do that?

17:36 Ensign Howard: sportrep, let me post pictures of my tab

17:36 sortsrep3: ok.....thx

17:37 Ensign Howard: the 03 post was a tab I use when connected to eSignal

17:38 Ensign Howard: 04 post shows tab of symbols I use when connected to IQFeed

17:38 Ensign Howard: and 05 post shows a tab of symbols I use when connected to IB feed

17:38 Ensign Howard: In your case you are leaving esignal and changing to IB so you can have a single tab of symbols and just change all symbols to be the IB flavor if they differ from esignal

17:39 sortsrep3: So I put the correct IB symbols in a tab and use that tab when connected to IB ? ahhhhh.........maybe that's why I was having the conflict before.

17:39 Ensign Howard: Will you have 2 feeds?

17:40 sortsrep3: no.........I cancelled e-signal today.......but I think I'll setup a separate tab for IB and keep the e-signal tab......just in case


17:39 scooter: Can we change from esignal to ib but have 1 copy of Ensign on the esignal computer and another copy of Ensign on the IB computer to use?

17:40 Ensign Howard: Scooter do you have 2 feeds?

17:40 scooter: Yes I have IB feed and 1 computer and esignal feed on another computer.

17:40 Ensign Howard: OK, if you want both to run simultaneously the pay for 2 ensigns or use 2 tabs of symbols as suggested above and just switch lists when you switch feeds on the one computer

17:41 scooter: What if I don't want to run simultaneously? just use Ensign on ib at night for the simex?

17:47 sortsrep3: Man!!!!! I'm certainly glad I came in and asked you about this Howard.....b4 I deleted my e-signal version...........thanks. have a good weekend yourself

17:48 Ensign Howard: Chart files are all the same sportsrep

18:11 sortsrep3: last question please

18:18 sortsrep3: Howard.......when I'm using the IB I have to select the DTN feed in the connection manager to get historical data?

18:21 Ensign Howard: Sportsrep, you have to be connected to IB to have refresh from IB. and there is option on the chart properties for selecting refresh from DTN market access or from 1st Internet source. Those can be used even when not connected to IB

18:22 sortsrep3: ....on the connection manger........on the weekend.......just select the DTN feed and that will give me historical........right?

18:23 Ensign Howard: On weekend leave selection on IB or you can select Ensign Internet and all refresh will be from DTN

18:23 sortsrep3: ok.......thx

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