To download playback files of realtime price action in the ES and NQ index futures for use in EnsignSoftware
(also templates, workspaces or ESPL examples)

General Information:

Playback files for the week are usually uploaded and available through internet services on Saturdays. Playback will now show the prior 4 trading days so these files should be downloaded and available for the program to use also.

Ensign usually keeps the prior month of playback files for 6E (Euro), AB (ER2), ES, NQ and YM available in their Internet Services until the first week of the new month - for example Sept files would be deleted the first week of November. While these files are available at as zipped files, it is much easier to download them through Ensign Internet Services.

If IB or Ensign Internet users wish to build their own for other symbols:
Click menu Setup| Connection and change the vendor selection to
Ensign Internet and then your build of playback files will be from DTN
Market Access instead of from IB or the tick pool. Then they should
be better files.


  1. Open Ensign
  2. Click "File"
  3. Click "Open"
  4. Click "Internet services"
  5. Click the "download" tab
  6. Wait for dates to fill in
  7. AFTER the dates fill in,
  8. Click "playback files"
  9. Browse the empty scrolling box to the right of "playback files" by using the up and down arrow keys
  10. Highlight the file you want by clicking on it
  11. Click the "download" button
  12. Ensign will automatically save the file in the playback folder

    Repeat the last two steps to download as many playback files as you want.

You can use the same procedure to download templates, workspaces, and ESPL files also listed in the Internet Services upgrade tab.
Ensign will save each item in the correct folder.

Last updated 02/27/2007