EnsignSoftware: Debug Version

17:03 @Ensign_H: For any problems yet to be found, we have released a special debug version which can only be obtained by using one's web browser to download the debug version from the bottom of the Download page on our web site.

17:04 @Ensign_H: I thank the users who have been running the debug version for the informative reports that this version sends by e-mail to Ensign when an error happens. It give information about the Call Stack and the line number in the Ensign program code where the error happened.

7:06 @Ensign_H: These are excellent clues that help us figure out what might be done to make the program more robust in handling error conditions, and the occasional illogical way the user attempts to do something.  

If you have a problem that persists, we may suggest you run the debug version so we get better clues about the problem. If you run the debug version, we have an added menu of Help | Enable Debug Mode that needs to be checked so that if an error is triggered, an error log is prepared and you are given the opportunity to e-mail the report to Ensign.

17:09 @Ensign_H: The debug feature adds around 200K to the program size, and that is why we offer the version without it being present.

Last updated 01/23/2008