Setting up Playback, Downloading Playback files
and setting up a workspace

Ensign will do playback with all versions. The internet version can only play files already created but does not need a realtime feed. Many whose trading software is tied into their broker or who are just starting out, sign up for the internet version to practice without the expense of a RT feed.

In order to do a day in playback you need to download that day and the previous day. I recommend you download all playback files available through internet services in ensign especially for the ES. The following link will walk you through how to download playback files.

If you wish to follow along with my comments on what I am seeing on my charts, I recommend you download the 2xBline35 template through internet services. The 2xBLCircle template will available soon. The indicators in the study windows are the same for both templates.

If you have a template of your own, I recommend running them side by side on seperate charts to observe them both.

The following link will explain how to apply a template to a chart.

How to start playback:

Click on "Window"
Click on "Close all Windows"
Click on "setup"
Click on "playback"

Make sure the symbol in the Symbol window is:

ES H3 for eSignal
@ES3H for DTN Satellite
@ESH3 for DTN.IQ or IQFeed

These must be in capitals and "ES H3" must have the space.
Use the "browse" button to open a window where the file for the day we are playing back can be selected from.
Dbl click on the file - example would be ES1203 - this should close the window and enter the file in the playback filename window. You can not just type the filename in.

We will normally start with 8:30 time - all times in playback are CST. If you join us after we have started, just ask for time to enter in the "Start Time" window so your charts will open exactly where we are in the playback session.

Demo Chart Workspace: Please have one set up before joining us.
Playback uses the symbol demo for all of the charts when doing a playback. no matter what symbol you are playing back. There are 2 ways to create a workspace for demo.

If you wish a copy of your regular trading workspace for demo proceed as follows with your normal workspace open:

  • Click on the "workspace" icon
  • Click on "save as"
  • Type in "Demo" or a similar name and hit "enter"

    You now have a copy of your regular workspace. Now you need to change each chart to the symbol "DEMO". One way to do this is to "right click" on a chart background bringing up a drop down menu, click on "new symbol" and then enter "DEMO" and hit "enter" OR do a "CTRL S" and enter "DEMO". These will be blank if you are not running a playback.

    Now that you have a demo workspace, you will start playback by clicking on "reset current playback" button, then after "play back enabled" checks itself, click on ok to close the window. Then go click on your demo workspace tab or open through the workspace icon..

    If you wish to start creating a demo workspace from the beginning, then on the "setup" "playback" window, in the window to the right of "open demo chart" enter a time. Start playback by clicking on "open a demo chart". The first chart for you new demo workspace should open. You can add as many charts as you wish using the "Charts" icon - white with two blue bars on it. Highlight "DEMO" on the left and "dbl click" on a time or highlight a time and click on "open". Please make sure to save your workspace often using the "workspace" icon.

    How to add a time to the times window.
    Bring up the times window.


Click on "edit". The boxes that can be changed will turn white. You can change one or as many as you wish. Putting a "-" in front of a number tells Ensign you want a constant tick chart. When you are through making the changes, click on "save". You can now click on any one of the times boxes to change the chart.

This should cover the basics of setting up and doing a playback.

If you decide to do another playback, then you must click on "window" "close all windows" again. Playback is unable to reset the charts if they are not closed.

Please let me know if you feel something else should be added to this FAQ.


Last updated 03/08/03