FXCM and Transact Feed and Razor Data

21:59 Ensign Howard: We now have 8 times the bandwidth capacity because of compression technology with the New Server selection for the FXCM feed.

21:59 Ensign Howard: 30 users ran on the New Server today just fine. We strongly encourage FXCM users to upgrade to the latest version and begin using the New Server selection on the connection to the FXCM feed.

22:01 Ensign Howard: Eventually all users of FXCM will be on the New Server at which time we will remove the old non-compressed FXCM feed. Compression will give us capacity for 8 times the count or 8 times the customer connection

22:02 @Buffy2: And if you get more??? LOL Does that help with the fresh problems some complain of?

22:02 Ensign Howard: Indeed.... it was 1 year ago we introduced the free FXCM feed and we begged users to help load test it. Now we get close to 300 connections on FXCM every day

22:03 @Buffy2: Currency prs are getting more popular to trade too

22:04 Ensign Howard: The compression will permit us to go to a couple thousand connections at the current bandwidth burden, which is good, and saves having to put in more servers or upgrade router hardware to get to a couple thousand connections

22:04 Ensign Howard: Indeed, currency is getting more popular.

22:05 Ensign Howard: Also, this port selection of 10000 or 11000 will give us two servers, one to back up the other if there is an issue that causes one to go down or die. And the current implementation is to split the refresh to a server independent of the live feed, so 2 servers share the burden. 10001 is the refresh server.

22:06 red: yes Howard, thanks to you I'm watching forex these days too

22:07 Ensign Howard: If you uncheck the New Server box then the Data Feed port changes to 10000 which is the server with the non-compressed feed which is on line for older Ensign users who have not upgraded yet.

22:08 Ensign Howard: Razor Data is another data vendor we have written to their API, but we do not have any or many users on that feed yet.

22:08 Ensign Howard: ok, you all have a good evening and thanks for your help and patience.