Downloading Templates from Ensign's Web Site

Click menu File | Open | Internet Services or click the Internet Services button. Select the 1st tab on the form. Wait for the form to fill in with the dates, which also populates the drop down lists. Select the Template bullet and pick the template file to download on the list. Click the Download button and the template will be downloaded and saved in the template folder on your computer and show on your Template window.

Q&A Knowledgebase Templates

Ensign has a library of Design Your Own (DYO) examples, many of which have been saved as Templates. Download the template so you do not have to set up the DYO to have the example. On the Ensign web site, click the Help button. Click the Library of Examples link in the Design your Own section.

This web page is a directory to 90 examples (currently) and should be a great resource to those using DYOs or trying to learn about them. The top table is the directory of examples. Click on the link to read the Q&A Knowledgebase article. Look at the bottom of the article for a reference to the template file that accompanies the article. Example: Template: 1316-Demarker

This 'Template:' entry indicates there is a template for this example so you do not have to manually enter the DYO selections. You can click menu File | Open | Internet Services, select the Download tab, wait for the form to populate with dates and then use the Q&A Templates drop down list to select the 1316-Demarker template.

After selecting the template, click the Download button and the file will be on your computer in the currently selected Template folder.

There are two selection boxes for Templates. The one labeled Template is populated with 47 templates provided by Ensign Software or by customers with names like OpeningPrice. These templates do not have the 4 digit prefix that is consistently used for the template names on the Q&A Template list.

The prefix in the Q&A Template name is the article number, which in our example is 1316. This is a quick cross reference back to the Knowledgebase article that might be useful in understanding the purpose of the template. So if you are interested in the 1316-Demarker template, go read the Q&A Knowledgebase article. The 1316 would be the name of the page in the database as in this example.

Last updated 11/16/06