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The following links are part of an continuing series of presentations, discussions and open forums on different aspects of trading:

NQoos Speaks at Ensign training session, audio and accompanying charts (right-click the MP3 file and "save as")

Seven Deadly Sins of Trading book report by buffy
"Steps to Success," Disciplined Trader discussion, part 1 led by Buffy (based on book by Mark Douglas)
"Steps to Success," Disciplined Trader discussion, part 2 led by Buffy (based on Mark Douglas steps 5-7)
open forum on "Making a Trading Plan" led by Buffy
Road to becoming a successful trader led by Buffy

Randy on Market Structure and Basic of Gann Square
Rin on Overbalance and Measured Moves

Scooter on How he Trades Yellow Dog

Pam Danielson on Trend Days, type I
Pam Danielson on "Rule of 4" and "3 Humps" patterns
Pam Danielson on Gartley retracement patterns
Pam Danielson on Railroad and Arc patterns
Pam Danielson on Bias and Opinions
Pam Danielson on Evaluating Your Trading

Birdman/Cody on Trendlines
mmaker - Trading Plan version 3

Ninja on Global Variables
Ninja and GoingLite Discuss Finding a Reversal
Ninja on Trend Turn Method
Plangcha on Measured Move

NQoos on Pulling the trigger on trades

JIMMER Discussion Folder

Beanman on Pyrapoint
Brach on Elliot Waves 1-19-02  
Brach (ZT) Playback Discussion ES 070104
Chameleon on NLP Trading Psychology 11-11-05


If you have an idea for a future topic, please let us know!