B-line multi-timeframe trading method by Buffy
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"My basic style is not to give very much of anything back to the market. I would rather exit the trade and reenter than have a retracement turn into much more. For example for those of you familiar with Retro, one of retro's trades might be 3-5 trades for me." -Buffy


Buffy's B-line method uses several time frames and indicators to measure the heartbeat of the market and stay tuned in to every move. This is not a rule-based system, and is best learned by downloading the template of Buffy's chart layouts and walking through the day's trades with her. Simulated real-time trading with Buffy is available using synchronized charts after market hours in the chatroom (see resources below).


  • Chart template instructions for use with Ensign Charting Software (see exactly what Buffy is looking at)
  • Join with Buffy and others who follow her methods in the chatroom during the trading day
  • Check out the charts Buffy posts during the trading day (on the daily charts pages, prefix "buffy")
  • Visit with Buffy after-hours at the chatroom on PalTalk (under business/finance look for "e-mini traders anonymous")
  • Download the free trial of Ensign Software to try Buffy's chart layout on simulated realtime price action
  • This section is still under development, so check back and more resources will be available soon

Chart Examples

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