week has past since my original post to this thread. NQoos---STEPS TO BECOME A PROFITABLE TRADER

Since that time 4 people chose to comit to those rules and have sent me there simbroker records each day along with screen shots showing trades.

The results for those for people have been good. All had a winning week. All had a profitable day each day except 1 person had 1 small losing day. The average was +$2400 for the week for each person.

That's $500/day = 5 points with 2contracts = 2.5 good trades, Most only do a few trades a day 3-6. They see more setups of same but havent taken all setups and not letting profits run always. They are trading their way, their comfort level. Some only trade morning or afternoon because or jobs.

I think it great and they are very happy with their results. Slowly beginning to own the setup. Learning to wait for it and learning other market aspects until it presents itself. A very relaxed style of trading.

4 new traders have signed on last few days of week. I look forward to the ranks growing and seeing new profitable consistent traders emerge and develop.

If interested commit to the rules, send me your results as a way of being responsible to yourself and your future as a successful trader. NQoos@bellsouth.net.

In my opinion, it is best not believe what I have to say about what setup is best. Listen yes, take notes yes. Then prove it yourself by trading on a simulator.

No reason to lose money while you learn and prepare yourself for the day you will trade real $$$.

You will build the confidence needed to be successful. You will own the setup and learn the nuances that only screentime can teach. You will find what is best for you through screentime ie. # contracts to trade, stop to use, profits targets, all on all off or keep a runner.

You'll become the teacher of what works for you. Then share it wit others perhaps.

-------a continuing series-----------


Good Trading