Look at variuos patterns... notice the flag entry on most:


head and shoulder = a flag entry

hl on rev hs then a flag entry..thats it

work on the with the trend entries... use divergence to take profits

after master with the trend then can about diverg and others against trend later

entry not so precise with the trend ok...wont get stopped many times then trend continues

counter trend trade need more precision

daytraderone: what do decent good traders take home in points on average per day one contract

NQoos_2: countertrend is high% trade for many

dont concern yourself with others... concern yourself with your trading results....
you waste energy and focus

NQoos_2: is $200 a day acceptable

NQoos_2: ??

daytraderone: yes

NQoos_2: as a beginning goal

NQoos_2: ??

daytraderone: yes

daytraderone: for sure

NQoos_2: ok no problem....1 week or 1 month you'll be there

daytraderone: $200.00 day is much better than losing day in and day out

NQoos_2: then you improve

those that started my steps 8 days ago ..for 1st week all did average +$2500 for week

not many trades either

daytraderone: that is great

NQoos_2: some only trade a few hours

daytraderone: and where are your rules

NQoos_2: only 2-3-4 trades

NQoos_2: http://www.dacharts.com/articles/NQ...s_to_profit.htm

daytraderone: 2 3 4 trades a day?

NQoos_2: yes

daytraderone: k

daytraderone: will do

NQoos_2: some more.. but none alot

they choose to pass on many setups

some days there were 20 setups.. all would have been +2 points or more

daytraderone: you mean on diffrent types of set ups or the same setup they pass on

NQoos_2: anyway each learns to chose what they comfortable with

NQoos_2: same setup

daytraderone: but in the end a correct setup should bring you winners at the end of the day

NQoos_2: after 1-2 weks they get new comfort zone..they are beginning to master what they are doing
they are expanding their comfort zone

NQoos_2: take more trades

NQoos_2: make more $$

daytraderone: because these set up are proven winners not 100 % of course

NQoos_2: of cousre not 100%

NQoos_2: nothing is.. anyone tells me he 100% I smile

daytraderone: a trader that can take home 4 pts a day can make a living by just adding contracts?

NQoos_2: yes

NQoos_2: you learn to get 4 everyday... you'll then learn to get 8 12... more

NQoos_2: you teach yourself confidence\patience

NQoos_2: a loss will mean nothing to you

NQoos_2: just a step to next string of winners

daytraderone: and follow the steps, find one set up that works for you and practice practice practice

NQoos_2: that will be from your history

NQoos_2: now unprofitable traders have losing history...keep repeating that

NQoos_2: behavior is to lose

NQoos_2: must shift that

NQoos_2: dont take my word for it...prove it to yourself

NQoos_2: make the choice to be responsible to yourself as a future profitable trader

NQoos_2: books, my charts, my technique... not enough

NQoos_2: need screentime

NQoos_2: practice

NQoos_2: produce winning pattern...will stick with you

daytraderone: this trading without discipline will kill you

NQoos_2: transform you

NQoos_2: into a profitable trader

NQoos_2: once there....reach a point...always be there

NQoos_2: prove it to yourself

NQoos_2: wont cost you $$$ just time

NQoos_2: then you master your technique...you share

NQoos_2: be your setup then

NQoos_2: you'll change it a bit

NQoos_2: working for others now

NQoos_2: they at tip of $berg

daytraderone: talking to you i feel like i should have candles lit

daytraderone: your sentences are all the same size

NQoos_2: your style..ok..light one

daytraderone: lol

NQoos_2: if i shared all I'd say that's where it comes from Light

NQoos_2: inside you..always been there

daytraderone: i understand

NQoos_2: accept it

redtoptrader: NQoos is a zen master of daytrading...{:-)

NQoos_2: allow it to shine

NQoos_2: allow It to shine

NQoos_2: most have all the knowlege they need already

NQoos_2: doing too much at once

NQoos_2: dont master anything

daytraderone: yes for sure

redtoptrader: amen..that's me...

NQoos_2: results inconsistant

daytraderone: that last one i can identify with

mac_07_1: totally sgree with that

NQoos_2: doing too much at once

daytraderone: how many pts per set up looking to take and then get out

NQoos_2: you will find out for you... most doing 2 pts

NQoos_2: some all on all off

NQoos_2: others runner

daytraderone: k

NQoos_2: some less than 2 pts

NQoos_2: they find their way... by practice...same setup

daytraderone: k

NQoos_2: reiew after market

NQoos_2: see what could have been if

NQoos_2: next day or next week.. perhaps readjust

NQoos_2: must be congruent with your comfort zone

NQoos_2: comfort will expand through practice and good results

simple_63: how can I save this conversation ?

NQoos_2: file/save

NQoos_2: ill save for me when i get confused

simple_63: super, thanks NQoos

NQoos_2: simple63.. thank me with you profitable results...... Thank yourself.. you deserve it

NQoos_2: we all here to enjoy the best of everything

NQoos_2: main reason we here... just chose it

NQoos_2: everyday

NQoos_2: with thoughts actions words

daytraderone: nq where do you live?

NQoos_2: a behavior/habit Being perhaps need to rememeber and relearn

NQoos_2: in heaven

NQoos_2: Florida

daytraderone: lol

NQoos_2: lol

NQoos_2: well it is Sunday

daytraderone: true

redtoptrader: at the beach?

NQoos_2: later yes

NQoos_2: 5 min walk

redtoptrader: then it is heaven...at least to my wife....

NQoos_2: heaven state of mind

redtoptrader: don't tell that to my preacher....{:-)

NQoos_2: preacher should agree

simple_63: NQoos , are you a full time trader ?

NQoos_2: yes

NQoos_2: Trader/Healer

lwstud: lol

NQoos_2: had problem combining 2 for a while

lwstud: you are healing me as we speak

NQoos_2: we all healers

NQoos_2: we all transformers

NQoos_2: some more often than others

simple_63: so are you making money to pay all your bill every month ?

NQoos_2: sure

lwstud: and he is not selling a system

lwstud: for income

NQoos_2: never sold anything

NQoos_2: wont

NQoos_2: I am a trader

simple_63: how many others traders do you know that do he same ?

lwstud: just free advice for people who will listen

NQoos_2: y

lwstud: i would like that

NQoos_2: helps me too

NQoos_2: good energy helps me

ed1300: since when are u profitable trader nqoos?

NQoos_2: good profits pay all bills and more...nice life style... less than 1 year

simple_63: Teresa lo say that if you depend on your trading to live you will not make it

NQoos_2: at first perhaps

Rolls200: NQ - I put your "steps to becoming a profitable trader" on the cover of my trading binder

NQoos_2: but can happen fast now

NQoos_2: you have paltalk

Rolls200: great stuf

NQoos_2: and steps to follow

simple_63: yes

NQoos_2: Buffy Woodie others setups

lwstud: cool i will put it on my fridge

NQoos_2: read it everyday

NQoos_2: 3 times

NQoos_2: or more

NQoos_2: put in your car on visor

NQoos_2: will discuss morre when I do workshop on Paltalk

lwstud: make it the 12 step program

NQoos_2: good idea

NQoos_2: 12 step works

simple_63: I have to many setups so I will do one like you say

NQoos_2: havent dicussed that part yet

NQoos_2: the big P

NQoos_2: Power

NQoos_2: Force

NQoos_2: One

NQoos_2: inside you

NQoos_2: allow accept focus

NQoos_2: your Power

NQoos_2: you have it now... justt need to claim it

NQoos_2: not want it

NQoos_2: want = not having

NQoos_2: desire

NQoos_2: desire manifests

NQoos_2: want negates

NQoos_2: want acknowleges lack

NQoos_2: desire celebrates to Be

NQoos_2: or Being

simple_63: NQoos are you for another planet ?

NQoos_2: anyway dont need to agree or understand.. will give process that will accomplish

Rolls200: wow - not able to get over the little hurdles just yet - but close

NQoos_2: allow..accept...focus..be thankful..claim the gift given to us all..
NQoos_2: Prosperity.... many forms
NQoos_2: intellectual not important... Being is
NQoos_2: thoughts words actions
NQoos_2: practice then automatic...
NQoos_2: our Being
NQoos_2: the Truth
NQoos_2: accept allow claim it
NQoos_2: its Sunday........................
NQoos_2: everyday
NQoos_2: sit quietly and listen
NQoos_2: you will hear.... always sending you the Way.... accept what you already know
NQoos_2: let you Light shine... allow
NQoos_2: easiest beginning is being thankful always

NQoos_2: http://www.talkingtools.com/cd/cd.html also helpful..play is very low..almost so cant hear it

NQoos_2: while ttrading...anytime ..in car

NQoos_2: i use it 6 months ..more

NQoos_2: cost $50... 1 es point.. invest in yourself

Let your Light shine.