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"Works for me." -NQoos


  • Chart setup uses constant tic charts, mainly 170tic and 28tic, with a 7/28 oscillator and 21/4/7 stochastic, superimposed (see chart examples below).
  • Regular divergence alerts to possible reversals, hidden divergence signals continuation entries.
  • Entries are on anticipation of 7/28 oscillator crossover above/below zero.
  • Initial position is 2 contracts.
  • Initial stop-loss is 5 points.
  • Take off one unit at 5 points profit, trail stop on remainder using 5 point chandelier stop or trailing stop indicator.


  • Chart setup instructions for Ensign and Tradestation are posted below with the charts
  • NQoos has been spending lots of time helping people understand his methods and trading in general in the voice chat
  • The collection of annotated charts below explains a lot
  • Chart templates for EnsignSoftware and Tradestation
  • Quite a few of the chatroom participants have become familiar with this method and answer questions
  • Discussion thread at the Yahoo group called e-mini_traders_anon has a lot of Q&A about this method. Please review previous answers there and post new questions so that NQoos can answer to the group and avoid answering the same questions over again.
  • This section is still under development, so check back and more resources will be available soon

Charts and Files:

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